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Sager, DMD

General Family Dentist

Meet Dr. Cory Sager!

Dr. Cory Sager is committed to providing compassionate and quality dental care in Missoula, Montana. Dr. Sager's educational background and professional journey showcase his dedication to the field of dentistry.

Dr. Sager has been serving Missoula for 2 years and Montana for 15 years! This was accomplished through the establishment of Sager Dental Group, which includes Missoula Dental, Belgrade Family Dental and Kagy Family Dental.  Dr. Sager provides a focus on comprehensive general dental services, including preventative, cosmetic, and restorative treatments.

Dr. Sager's emphasis on family values and integrity, both in his personal and professional life, adds a personal touch to his practice. This commitment contributes to a patient-centered approach, creating a positive and trusting environment for those seeking dental care.

Dr. Sager values not only the oral health of his patients but also the well-being of the community. His welcoming approach to new patients and the desire to give people reasons to smile further highlight his commitment to making a positive impact through top-notch dental care.

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