Your Child and Craniofacial Development. Part 1

Your Child and Craniofacial Development. Part 1


1. Snoring is not benign or cute. It is your child's body telling you it isn't able to breathe properly or get enough oxygen. Children spend a lot of time sleeping because their brains are working extremely hard to develop so quickly. When they aren't getting the oxygen they need, they're brains aren't able to rest, recover, build and grow as they should.

Mouth breathing and snoring at night also causes incorrect skull and jaw development - creating longer faces and shorter, more cramped jaws without room for their teeth and tongue. On top of this, drying out their mouth at night will significantly increase their risk for tooth decay.

2. Tongue-ties prevent babies from breast feeding in a way that is optimal for baby or mama. Latch, let down, and milk production are all hampered by a tongue that isn't able to move properly. This also affects their airway and muscle development as they grow.

Later in life, tongue-ties cause airway issues even if they aren't causing speech issues because the tongue is held down and back instead of up against the upper palate.

3. Speaking of tongue position, our oral rest position is very important for breathing as well as jaw and facial development. Our tongue and lips act as natural orthodontics as our tongue pushes against and expands our upper jaw. Remember that the roof of the mouth is the floor of the nasal cavity. So a full upper palate means a wide open nose for breathing, but a narrow palate with a high arch means a constricted nasal cavity fraught with sinus and airway issues for life.

As a parent, these all sound scary to me as well. I have a 3 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. I get it. These facts aren't meant to scare you, but empower you to understand your child's development better and reach out to an airway trained dentist and myofunctional therapist wherever you are for a screening and consultation. It might just change your child's life.

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