The 3 Pillars of Health

In my opinion, these are the three pillars of true and lasting health. This is not a 30 day program, but a transformation of lifestyle.

The nuances of health are not simple. It's so multifaceted, interconnected and obscured by marketing. But in application, making these choices is actually easy. 

1. Practice nasal breathing while you're waiting in line or at a stop light or waiting for that file to download. 5 seconds in. 5 seconds out. This reduces anxiety, blood pressure, grounds us in the present moment, and saturates our blood with nitric oxide.

Mouth breathing causes issues throughout our body and brain. Our mouth is for eating and speaking, not breathing. Breathing this way dries out our mouth and cases the PH to drop - providing the ideal environment for harmful bacteria to take over and cause tooth decay and periodontal disease. This also increases the sensitivity of our teeth as the roots are exposed and the fluid is pulled out of the inner dentin.

Over time, mouth breathing causes our lower jaw to grow down instead of forward. This causes a short chin and lips that don't close all the way - further increasing the problem. When our lower jaw is short, we don't have room for our teeth or our tongue which causes crowding and more detrimental airway problems. You can see how it's a vicious cycle. I'll post more about my favorite night time solution in mouth taping soon.

2. Limit processed foods and seed oils as much as possible. Put simply, that means anything that comes in a package or has an ingredients list. If it has an ingredients list, look for ingredients that you recognize. Avoid processed carbs and sugars. They're poison plain and simple. Avoid "diet" and "low fat" foods. Try some fermented foods.

Soft and processed foods that don't require much chewing don't give our muscles and bones enough stimulation to grow to their full and ideal size to accommodate our tongue and teeth and therefore lead to crowding and airway issues.

For healthy teeth and bones, we need to make sure we're getting adequate Vitamin D3, K2, and A. Others as well, but those are three that most people today are deficient in as shown by the issue of inadequate skull growth and tooth decay. It's not only sugar that causes cavities. Teeth can certainly heal themselves, but only if we give them what they need to do so.

3. Move. Go for a walk or a bike ride. You don't have to start with powerlifting or CrossFit or even running. If you aren't used to exercising, don't start with something you hate. Just walk. Leave your phone at home and breathe.

See? Start easy. Protect your health for life.

If you're interested in talking more in depth about your health, please give us a call and we'd be happy to schedule a consultation.

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